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Top-Notch Features

Why Choose Streetside?

Streetside allows you to skip the line when ordering from your favorite restaurant, cafe, or local business. Simply place an order, wait the designated amount of time, then decide on delivery or pickup.

Faster Deliveries

Get your products faster by ordering from your local favorites. From Streetside Stores to you in minutes, hassle-free.

More Than Just Food and Drinks

We strive to provide a broader range of categories, delivering everything you need, anytime.

Trending Items

Discover new favorites in your area by seeing what's trending. Trending items are popular items that Belizeans are ordering near you.

Skip the line

Place your order and wait the designated amount of time, then decide on delivery or pickup. No more waiting in lines!

Getting Started With Streetside

How to start using Streetside Stores


Download Our Free Delivery App

You can find Streetside Stores on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store


Create An Account

Create your account by either logging in with Facebook, or by signing up with your email.


Edit Your Profile

Add your phone number, address and a little something about you.


Add Location(s)

You can add either one address or multiple addresses. For example: one location for your home, another for your office, and so on.


Start Ordering Your Favorite Items

You're all set! Time to complete your first order with Streetside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Any Questions?

We have an integrated FAQ system in the Streetside Stores app if you ever need a little help. Here are some of the most-asked questions.

Our Streetside Couriers are independent contractors. Your safety is extremely important to us and we screen all of our Couriers with thorough background checks and use a rating system to provide each of our delivery drivers feedback so that they can serve you better.
Yes, Streetside delivers alcohol in certain markets. You must be 18 or older to order and receive alcohol and the account owner must be present to accept the delivery. Please be ready to show a valid photo ID upon delivery (Driver's License, Social Security Card, State ID, or Passport).
In order to assure every item arrives on time and in an appropriate condition, Streetside is currently unable to pick up items from multiple locations. We do not limit you from placing multiple orders at the same time, though, in the event you need items from multiple locations.
Yes! If you'd like to order in another city, all you have to do is go "online" in that location. The Streetside App will use location services to determine where you are and if we are available there. If it doesn't switch right away, please try again in a minute or two, and make sure your device has location services on. If not, you can tap the toggle for the "Delivery" button, which should load your current location as well. Use this time to save the location or address. You can save and label multiple locations, home, work, etc.
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Streetside is the food delivery, booze delivery, whatever-you-can-think-of delivery app to bring what you crave right to your door.



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